Contracts for purchase of goods and services should be between the University of Houston and the “Entity”. The process could take up to three weeks to finalize a contract. No work can begin or be invoiced prior to the commencement date.

In order to initiate revenue/contract services, please complete the forms below:


Types of General Purchasing/Expense Contract


Additional Required Forms


Revenue Contract

  • Services Agreement (Revenue) (OGC-S-2006-16) – revenue contract used by University to provide services to another party.


Purchasing over $3,000 on Federal funds and $5,000 on Non-Federal funds

  • Bidding Process — Requires 2 quotes from 2 alternative vendors, preferably HUB vendors.
  • Sole Source Justification – Justification for only one vendor/contractor can provide the good/service required.


Purchasing over $100,000: