Misc. Requests


   Please submit your reimbursement request in Quartzy.
TIMES Reimbursement Coversheet — According to MAPP 04.01.03 request for reimbursement must be supported by an original itemized receipt . If an original itemized receipt is not available, another proof of payment along with a merchant produced document could be accepted . All requests for reimbursements, including required documentation, should be submitted to the department business office no later than 60 days after the date of purchase to avoid a MAPP Policy violation.
   Please also fill out the forms below if you have never received a reimbursement from the University before:
** UHS employees enroll in AP Direct Deposit through PASS (https://my.uh.edu/) after they are setup as a vendor in the AP vendor file.
TIMES Mileage Reimbursement Guidance— Please include the mileage report with you request.

Conference Room Reservation

We have 4 conference rooms/classrooms locate on 3rd floor of HSB1.

FedEx Shipping Request Form — Required in order to send out packages. Please fill out the form and submit it in Quartzy.


TIMES Fax Coversheet

TIMES Set Up Form — For Key requests and Card Reader access.