Q: What is the TIMES mailing/shipping address?

A: 4849 Calhoun Road
HSB1, RM. 373
Houston, TX. 77204

Q: My swipe card room access does not work. What should I do?
A: Please fill out a TIMES set up form HERE.

Q: Have you ever received a reimbursement from the University of Houston before?
A: If yes, great – you’re all set. If no, please visit the Misc. Request under the Service tab and fill out the forms in the Vendor Set Up Package.

Q: How do I send a package via Fedex?
A: To ship mail and packages via FedEx, please fill out the FedEx shipping request form and submit it in Quartzy.

Q: How do I mail regular mail via USPS?
A: Your will need to submit a request in Quartzy to order stamps.


*****To find our admin team, look for the RFA logos on our office on 3rd floor of HSB1 and we’ll be happy to assist.*****